Artists have always drawn spectators with their fascinated form of designing and craftwork. Giving shape to imagination with brush and paint is not an easy work, as it needs lots of experience and years of dedication. You must have seen many artistically designed types of paintwork that mostly charmed your eyes and kept you spellbound. But have you ever thought about the creativity and devotion of the maker behind it.

Most people those who admire artistic work know the value of the person behind it. One of the most renowned figures in the artistic world is Marie Christine Legeay. She is an art painter for more than 10 years. Marie Christine Legeay was born in a small village located in Southern Boischaut and presently resides in the Ligerienne valley. She has put his art form in many local, regional and international events and has sketched ultra designs that attracted many people. Many people still wants to know more about her painting and her work. The work of Marie is very famous all over the world and

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