This castle creates a striking impression. Doubtless, because it's the largest of the castles of Loire, but it's also the grandest illustration of Renaissance art. The long pathways of its vast park, where you can find deer and wild boar roaming free, add to this first impression. Built by François 1st, Chambord was in the eyes of Charles Quint. »...the synthesis of what the human spirit can achieve.. ». The seductive power of Chambord lies in its roofwork and impressive chimneys, its turrets and its double axis staircase, the style of which is strongly reminiscent of Leonardo da Vinci. The Royal castle and its grounds cover almost 3000 acre an area almost the size of Paris making it an ideal choice for rambling and discovery local nature. There are 100 miles of cycling paths and barge trips on the Cosson, and deer and wild boar roam freely in this great natural spot. Don't miss the castle where you'll discover the exceptional double spiral staircase. . This staircase will lead you to the ter

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