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zoo parc of BEAUVAL

Over 80 animals representing 12 species, live quietly together on a wide plain. Separated from the giraffes, ostriches, zebras by a mere ha-ha, you'll feel the real african experience. Take an unforgettable walk through the lush tropical greenhouse where 600 exotic birds fly freely around you. Make face with chimpanzees, marmosets, gorillas, orangs-outans, or crocodiles, all surrounded by the natural scenery of the equatorial rain forest. The extraordinary manatees, the incredible koalas and the tree kangaroos. Admire the graceful sea lions through the glass walls of a gigantic swimming pool.
Big cats, golden eyed white lions, white tigers, hyenas, hunting dogs, jaguars, snow leopards.... Monkeys live quietly on large islands or tropical greenhouses. Elephants live within the largest installation. Most fabulous array of birds : macaws, hornbills, tucans, eagles, flamingoes, etc...

perroquetrose cigogne flamandsrose lamantins oiseau oiseaurouge oiseaux_bic rhinoindien2 tapiradosblanc toucan

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