It was Sunday. My parents decided to go to the ZOO. There, I saw lot of wild animals.

First, when I arrived at the zoo, I saw a dromedary with its humps and the camels.

So far, a family of wild pigs which search the soil. In freedom, peacocks with marvellous feathers fan its tail. It looks like a fan.

Big black bears wade through water and stand up in splashing the visitors. On its high foots, the ostrich leaps in the grass.

In the cages, I hear the strident cry of monkeys which eat the peanuts.

In the clear sky, white pigeons fly away and from time to time, they peck greans on the soil ;

Lied in its cage, the lion sleeped.

In the basin, two crocodiles move.

Little children gave food to the girafes with their long necks.

Most beautiful scene  : peacocks which fan its tail.

MC (May 24th 1973)