mercredi 29 septembre 2010


BOUGES Between the Indre  Valley and the Cher Valley the Castle of BOUGES and its valuable furniture evokes unmistakabely the Petit Trianon. Worth visiting for its magnificent 80 hectares park, its french style gardens and its museum of horse drawn carriages : a saddlery has remained intact since the golden days of hunting.   AINAY LE VIEIL Apty nicknamed 'Le petit Carcassonne', the main medieval body of the town is a sight to behold, nestled in the greenery of the Haute Vallée du Cher. Its relatively strict... [Lire la suite]
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vendredi 24 septembre 2010


CULAN Castle proudly standing on a steep crag has kept the look of a fortress intended to stand a siege. Joan Of Arc at the beginning of 1430, King Louis XI in 1465, the Marchioness de Sevigne, George Sand, Chopin and Renan stayed here. Besides stately rooms with very nice fireplaces dating from the 15th C. We can visit the watcher rooms with outstanding frameworks and the hoardings made of wood; defence system of Middle Ages, settled on the top of the towers.   THE BERRY In turn, plains, valleys, ponds, ... [Lire la suite]
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vendredi 24 septembre 2010


  SARZAY CASTLE The castle of SARZAY built in the XIV C. was an imposing fortress in its time, comprising 38 round towers and 3 drawbridges. As a fortress, it represented one of the defences against the english invaders between 1337-1453. The french romantic author George Sand's novel « Meunier d'Angibault » was inspired by the castle of Sarzay Fully furnished rooms in the castle have retained their original style. The towers of the castle provide a panoramic view of the entire landscape for miles around. ... [Lire la suite]
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vendredi 24 septembre 2010


Château BREUIL YVAIN AT ORSENNES Upon your arrival, you're welcomed by an impressive small town castle with two pepperpot towers. It was built in 1450 by Yvain de Mont, whose coat of arms » d'argent à la croix ansée de sable » are sculpted above the porch. The main building, made of granite, was destroyed by fire during the Renaissance.A new building was erected using the old materials during the XVII and XVIII th c. the steps of the ancient spiral staircase being reused to buid the new french style staircase. The Breuil... [Lire la suite]
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mercredi 22 septembre 2010


CHARLES VII CASTLE There's very little left of this castle, which was sadly destroyed during Revolution, although in its time it was a marvellous example of gothic architecture, built by the Duc Jean de Berry. It was the favourite résidence of Charles VII.The general aspect was restituted in the engravign of the Très riches heures du Duc de Berry ». Imposing ruins of the top of the old town near the meanders of Yèvre river.
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jeudi 16 septembre 2010


TOUR EIFFEL   Realized for the 1889 Universal exhbition, the Eiffel tower represents the symbol fo Paris troughout the world. From the third floor you can enjoy the view of Paris and the Ile de France in a radius of 70 km
mercredi 15 septembre 2010


  VALENCAY The prestigious setting of the castle has been used by several films. The most recent and well-known are the « Tale of two cities » based on the work of Charles Dickens (starring Christopher Lee, later the terrifying Dracula) and « Les Noces Rouges » by Claude Chabrol, filmed in 1972, VALENCAY continues to be favoured by film-makers and in 1993 they filmed an adaptation of « Colonel CHABERT' » by Balzac starring G. Depardieu, Fanny Ardant and Fabrice Luchini. Each summer, the castle of VALENCAY presents... [Lire la suite]
mercredi 15 septembre 2010


AMBOISE Built in the 15 and 16th century, the castle stands high above the Loire and the town. First royal building of the Renaissance period. Outstanding collection of Gothic and Renaissance furniture, 2 empire drawing-rooms. In the St Hubert Chapel (1493) Leonardo da Vinci's tomb. Renaissance games and activites in the park in season. Son et lumière show : « At the cour of King François ».   CHAMBORD CASTLE – the most fasinating castle in the Loire Valley. At the age of 25, François I realised ... [Lire la suite]
mercredi 15 septembre 2010


AZAY LE RIDEAU   Between the arms of the Indre, the Castle of Azay le Rideau is one of the most beautiful Renaissance successes. Here, beauty is more modest than triumphant and from this comes its purer and more calming quality. The castle is built on an L-shaped plan and stands on a loop of the river INDRE. It's one of the most elegant creations of the early Renaissance and the great staircase, within the main part of the mansion is a masterpiece. (16th century furniture and tapestries).
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