mardi 29 décembre 2015


 Watercolour by LODYA In Carnac alone there are roughly 3000 menhirs. These alignments of stones were probably a place of workship. Carnac The alignements of Carnac, erected around 4500 B.C. Form the largest megalithic site in the world. More than 6000 artefacts selected for their scientific interest as well as their aesthetic qualities. These testimonies of the past allow to better know the everyday life to the inhabitants of Carnac who develt in the area a long time ago. The megaliths construction period lasted... [Lire la suite]

lundi 19 avril 2010


La TRINITE At 4 km from Carnac, this town is an authentic fishing village  with its typical fishermen's houses overlooking the quay, boasts a worldivide know pleasure harbour, meeting place for sea lovers and famous skippers.