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 Watercolour by LODYA In Carnac alone there are roughly 3000 menhirs. These alignments of stones were probably a place of workship.

mercredi 13 octobre 2010


Carnac The alignements of Carnac, erected around 4500 B.C. Form the largest megalithic site in the world. More than 6000 artefacts selected for their scientific interest as well as their aesthetic qualities. These testimonies of the past allow to better know the everyday life to the inhabitants of Carnac who develt in the area a long time ago. The megaliths construction period lasted roughly form 4500 until 2000 BC it's called the Neolithic period. This architecture is divided in menhirs or standing stones, dolmens... [Lire la suite]
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mercredi 13 octobre 2010


  The wild coast is manificent, a listed site, but it's also dangerous ,The gulf of Morbihan : The small interior sea with 40 islands and islets stretches over 12000 ha. It's a genuine bird reserve, a paradise for yachtsmen and a priviledged area for oyster farming. Several boats companies stop on the Arz island. Quiberon  : this 14 km long peninsula is a land of contrasts. On its western shore, exposed to the winds and a rough sea, stretches the « Cote sauvage » whislt on the eastern side, a succession of... [Lire la suite]
dimanche 16 mai 2010


9,99 € Jolie Aquarelle NeuveComme NeufArt Décojolie aquarelle réalisée par l'artisteformat carte postaleVoir ma boutique Egalement sur PriceMinister  : decoration interieur, Voyages Discount PLOUHARNEL Fine sandy beaches, salty sensations, surfing, body boarding, wave skiing, beach sailing... eating oysters. Discover the authenticity of the old town with its traditional houses of XVIe and XVIIe C. and its narrow alleys, its two benedictive abbeys, its menhirs and dolmens of its celtic crosses,... [Lire la suite]